Is Marty Markowitz Spreading Bike Lane Misinformation?

05/02/2011 8:56 AM |


Last week, Marty Markowitz brought his “Bike Lane Cantata” routine to Kingsborough Community College, in which he “voice[s] the plight of Brooklyn drivers, besieged by the city’s fast-and-furious implementation of lane alterations citywide,” according to Sheepshead Bites. But before this song-and-dance with the cast of Symphony Space’s political cabaret, Thalia Follies, he gave a speech about bike lanes in which he remarked, “I’m not against bike lanes all around New York City, but I do believe you and I as the public have right to have a word and have a say in where bike lanes should go.”

Marty’s fiercest bike lane disapproval has been for the one on Prospect Park West; one of the most common myths perpetuated by that lane’s opposition is that the department of transportation forced the lane onto the community, even though in reality the community asked for the lane, and the lane still retains support from the majority of the neighborhood (even its drivers.) Was Markowitz simply perpetuating this same misinformation?

Jon Paul Lupo, the borough president’s director of communications, cleared things up in an email:

The Borough President’s comments reflect his observations for how the DOT works borough-wide. That includes DOT’s attempt to install a bike lane on Bay Ridge Parkway without community board approval which was stopped by fierce local opposition.

Borough-wide…except in Park Slope.

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