It’s a Sad Day for Orgies

05/05/2011 11:39 AM |

Less of this, more sleeping?

  • Less of this, more sleeping?

There’s one less sex party in the world, it seems. The Post reports that Palagia,self described “a sexual anthropologist of sorts” and organizer of One Leg Up parties, has been banned from hosting any events at the Hotel Chelsea. Apparently

After throwing wild parties at the iconic location for 11 years — allegedly attended by actors, musicians and TV personalities, as well as some hotel residents — the 37-year-old Greek Madonna look-alike was notified her reservation was canceled just hours before her April 30 bash “due to liability.”

Not sure exactly what that liability would be? Steam cleaning fluids out of the furniture? How much more sex could the partygoers be having than then regular Chelsea guests, anyway? Palagia’s people blame the impending change of ownership of the hotel, which is allegedly in contract for $80 million.

“Managers used to come to the party,” her rep told us. “That’s the saddest part because her parties are legendary. The Chelsea is her favorite location.”

Again, not sure what Chelsea buyer WOULDN’T want it to be known for classy orgies. No amount of scrubbing is going to get enough Ginsberg out of that place to make it “family friendly.” In any case, if you’re trying to find out where sex parties are at, why not revisit this neat article from the L last year? Margaret Mak spent plenty of time checking out sex parties for you. Sample quote:

“Bunny Love performed; she pretended to eat oysters and afterwards she pulled a string of oysters from her vagina; her act was called, ‘The Girl with a Pearl Necklace’.”

Sex party!

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