Marty Markowitz Approves of Bike Lanes on One Condition: They Must Be Elevated!

05/25/2011 4:37 PM |

bicycle in the sky for Marty Markowitz.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, an outspoken anti-bike lane activist, thinks all those annoying lanes partitioning off sections of streets from their rightful users (automobiles) should be torn up and suspended in the sky. Speaking about a set of recently unveiled designs by local colleges to make the stretch of highways and plazas between Borough Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge more pleasant, Markowitz was especially enamored with one that proposed raised bike lanes.

“Elevated bike lanes—that’s the answer,” Markowitz said of a proposal by students from City College, according to the Brooklyn Paper. “These are great ideas for tomorrow, but for right now, we’ll have to see.”

Never mind that it sounds suspiciously similar to what another urban visionary said about car lanes last century—elevated bike lanes around Borough Hall would be great. Traffic in the neighborhood is terrible, and it’s not like motorists respect the bike lanes on the street. No, I think elevated bike lanes are the next logical step towards a Futurama-style system of pneumatic tubes. Good call Marty!

And in case you’re curious what other wacky designs Brooklyn students had in mind, Brownstoner’s got photos of the Downtown Brooklyn Commons Project Exhibit.