New East River Ferry Service Setting Sail Sometime in June

05/26/2011 4:19 PM |

The last time large numbers of Brooklynites commuted by ferry.

  • The last time large numbers of Brooklynites commuted by ferry.

The new East River ferry service is just about ready, but not ready enough to commit to a date after outlets that reported a June 13 launch for the service were asked to correct that information and put forth “a vague start date” sometime in June. In any case, New York Waterway is most likely less than one month away from beginning its new commuter boat trips connecting Dumbo, North Brooklyn and Long Island City to Midtown and Downtown Manhattan.

To recap, outer borough stops will be at Fulton Ferry Landing at the end of Old Fulton Street in Dumbo, Shaefer Landing at Kent Avenue near South 10th Street in South Williamsburg, at North 6th Street in condo canyon on the Northside, at the end of India Street in Greenpoint, and at Hunters Point South in Long Island City. On Fridays and weekends an additional loop will take riders to Atlantic Avenue and Governor’s Island. Manhattan stops at either end of the circuit will be East 34th Street in Midtown and Pier 11 at Wall Street in the Financial District.

Service begins daily at 7am, with boats every 20 minutes during peak hours. In addition to a $9.3 million subsidy from the city, New York Waterway will be charging sailors $4 for a single ride (an apparent change from the $3-$5.50 zone-based rates announced earlier) or $140 for a monthly pass. The company promises travel times as short as eight minutes between Dumbo and Wall Street, and ten minutes from Greenpoint to Midtown during peak hours.

So mark your calendars for sometime in mid-to-late-June, for a much more humane and significantly more expensive way to get around.