New York Wines and Local Eats at Brooklyn Uncorked 2011

05/12/2011 2:00 PM |


Tuesday, Brooklyn Uncorked hit BAM for its fifth year, featuring a slew of tasty treats from (mostly) Brooklyn restaurants like Dressler and Buttermilk Channel and wines from all over Long Island. It was already packed when I showed up just 15 minutes after the event started. Practiced in the fine art of taking photos while simultaneously drinking wine, I squeezed through the crowd looking for the best bites like the above manchego cheese fritter with asparagus and white anchovies from The Good Fork.

Eventually I ran into Brian Halweil and Rachel Wharton, two of the masterminds behind the event’s sponsor, the Edibles (Brooklyn, Manhattan and East End) who told me the entire thing had already sold out a month ago. I believe it. The line at the Red Hook Lobster Pound’s table seemed to have formed the minute BAM opened its doors. The cause of all of the fuss: a buttery, sweet Maine shrimp roll.


Oh yeah, there was wine too, this being Brooklyn Uncorked and all. In general, I’m not the hugest fan of wines from New York State. The weather just isn’t conducive to making great wines. Still, there were a few winners in the room. The 2008 Grapes of Roth Riesling, despite its silly name, was fantastic, with a pleasant acidity and hints of peach. Croteaux was there too, pouring its spring-ready line of rosé wines, including a nice Merlot that was wonderfully complex for how light it was.


While the Red Hook Lobster Pound‘s shrimp roll was probably the night’s biggest hit, there were also some other dishes that had people lining up en masse. Dressler’s grilled baby octopus with a spring bean salad, the Vanderbilt’s homemade mortadella with whole-grain mustard and the Gramercy Tavern’s combo of fresh goat’s milk cheese and asparagus were all big hits. With quite a wine buzz going, I squeezed out of BAM and headed out to a cocktail party somewhere else in Brooklyn, because it is my journalistic duty to slowly and surely kill my liver.


The people behind CAKEette, a 1940s-style catering service.

  • The people behind CAKEette, a 1940’s-style catering service.

Dresslers grilled baby octopus.

  • Dressler’s grilled baby octopus.

Brian Halweil and Rachel Wharton of the Edibles.

  • Brian Halweil and Rachel Wharton of the Edibles.

Wild herb pate from The Green Table

  • Wild herb pate from The Green Table