NYPD Bike Ticket Blitz: There’s a Map for That

05/31/2011 10:41 AM |

Here comes the bike blitz!

  • Here comes the bike blitz!

Bike lane battles notwithstanding, the biggest story in New York City biking this year has been the NYPD’s crackdown on bike laws—some real, some not—which has so far resulted in a 48 percent increase in cyclists’ tickets this year. Where are most of these tickets being given? To the map!

Transportation Nation has launched a crow-sourcing mapping project to plot as many of the nearly 14,000 bike tickets handed out in New York City so far in 2011 as possible. As you can see, the neighborhoods in which to be especially weary are Soho, Clinton Hill and the Upper West Side, though presumably that data will change as more cyclists contribute.

Some of the points have more information than others, with the cyclists’ names and details of their infractions (mostly running red lights and stop signs at empty intersections, it would seem), or sometimes just the location. Largely unticketed areas where you can ride without worries, for now at least, include the Financial District, Upper East Side and Greenpoint.