NYU Follows Its Students, Moving to Brooklyn

05/31/2011 2:48 PM |

NYU moving to downtown brooklyn

Among the many, many places near and far on NYU’s long list of expansion projects, the most welcoming continues to be Downtown Brooklyn, where the Greenwich Village institution’s engineering school, the Polytechnic Institute, already owns four buildings and has just signed a 20-year lease on more office space at Metrotech Center.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that NYU-Poly will take over two floors at 2 Metrotech and another in 15 Metrotech. The rentals pale in comparison to a plan floated earlier for the school to build a new 41-story tower on Jay Street, a project that remains a possibility.

Indeed, with NYU planning to expand its New York City campus by one million square feet by 2031, Downtown Brooklyn is likely to get even more purple. School spokesperson John Beckman promises more of a presence in Downtown Brooklyn, and from “other schools of NYU, not just NYU-Poly.”

It’ll be a while before Metrotech Commons starts to look like Washington Square Park, but as the BP points out:

Downtown has become college territory over the last few years, with more than 57,000 students attending classes—even more than in Cambridge, Mass!

Which gives new meaning to the neighborhood’s real estate designation, DoBro.