Park Slope Councilman Wants to Make Moving Day Easier

05/09/2011 10:39 AM |

Well even move a dead body into your new brownstone, no questions asked!

  • “We’ll even move a dead body into your new brownstone, no questions asked!”

Once, Councilman Brad Lander helped someone move, and he found it very inconvenient: it was twenty years ago, and Lander’s friend had to park the truck a block away from his new Greenwich Village apartment, which meant Young Lander had to carry heavy furniture through the city streets before actually moving it into the new home. “We would have been a lot less grumpy if each trip didn’t involve the extra block,” the legislator told the Post.

Suddenly remembering this long repressed memory, Lander introduced a bill last week to create temporary “moving day” parking permits, which would allow movers to reserve spaces in front of their old address (for loading) and their new (for unloading).

Lander imagines the permits would cost $50-$100, and would be applied for on-line. And even he admits his plan would be difficult to put into practice. “Is someone really moving or just seeking a space? Enforcement will certainly be an issue,” he told the tabloid. “How do we make it work so people move out of the reserved spots, and what happens if they don’t?”

Of course, movers like the idea (including randomly interviewed New York Magazine film critic David Edelstein), especially the owner of Movers Not Shakers. “Moving in New York City is almost looked at as an illegally activity,” he told the Post. “There’s virtually no place to put a truck!” What do you mean? Fire hydrant across the street (for loading) to neighbor’s driveway (for unloading), duh.

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