Sheepshead Mosque Defaced After bin Laden Death

05/11/2011 10:40 AM |


A controversial mosque in Sheepshead Bay was visited by vandals in the wake of the news of bin Laden’s death; all along its plywood construction fence, someone repeatedly spraypainted “He is Dead”, accompanied by smiley faces, Sheepshead Bites reports. It’s the latest act of hate speech directed at the mosque, which has attracted quite a bit of venom from bigots. The blog continues:

There’s been no shortage of those who believe the backing organization — Muslim American Society — has ties to radical Islam and terrorism, with some agreeing with one neighbor who said, “Most of them are terrorists.” Protesters have attended events carrying signs that show Arabs burning American flags, and the opponents chant against topics relating to Hamas, jihad and sharia. The FBI has said they have “no indication whatsoever the Muslim American Society is affiliated with any organization that threatens our national security.”