The Thermals Have Bad Taste in Records, Better Taste in Record Covers

05/25/2011 10:38 AM |


Baeblemusic, a local company that produces a whole lot of really enjoyable original music-related video content, has just published a piece on indie-rock mainstays The Thermals, where the band flips through records over at Sound Fix and shares some thoughts about music in general, many of which are totally stupid. “This is Lupe Fiasco, Lasers,” says the drummer guy. “We’ve been listening to a lot of Top 40 radio these days. It’s just the best stuff out there right now.” Totally.

“We’re like the opposite of music snobs,” adds frontman Hutch Harris, doing that thing that’s become acceptable lately, where you act all proud about liking really terrible shit, even while not offering any explanation at all, instead just sort of smirking because you think your theoretically contrarian stance makes you at least somewhat interesting. “We only like the most commercial, popular…,” he continues, trailing off. “There’s nothing we could pull out of here that no one would have heard of.”

At one point, after catching a glimpse of the 10×10″ 69 Love Songs box set, bassist Kathy Foster says simply, “I don’t like the Magnetic Fields.” And it’s a sentiment with which the rest of the band is in total agreement: Hutch Harris, in fact, is so appalled by the record that he visibly, dramatically, shudders at the mere mention of it. “It’s too long,” he says. “It’s about 68 too many songs.” Earlier, he picked up an Against Me! record and said, “Against Me! Obviously really cool.” Obviously.

They do seem to have their heads on straight when it comes to the new Radiohead album cover, though. “It’s terrible,” says Harris. “It looks like some 90s, like, nu-metal cover… ugh.”

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  • Dude, why you gotta be so rockist?

  • Ugh. Yeah. How dare the Magnetic Fields sit on, like, stools, and play, like, small instruments and stuff? When I go to concerts, the first thing I do is check whether the seating and instrument size is appropriate for the band. Then, once I remove my fave Mariah Carey CD from my butt, I’ll actually listen to the music they’re playing.