This Photo of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen is Simply Too Much for Us to Handle

05/19/2011 9:50 AM |


Hooboy, it’s a lot to process, isn’t it? The photo above was taken either before or after a show during Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue, a two-legged tour that ran in late-75 and early-76, so let’s consider for a second where these two guys were at in their careers. Dylan is putting the finishing touches on a year that saw the release of not only Blood on the Tracks, but The Basement Tapes as well, and he’s playing some of the fiercest, most inspired sets of his life. Just a few months earlier, in August, Springsteen had released Born to Run and was at the center of the type of media frenzy you just don’t see anymore, even appearing simultaneously on the covers of Time and Newsweek in October. So, I mean, to put it in a modern-day context, it’s basically like, uh, James Blake and maybe some dude from the Antlers hanging out? Ay yi yi. [Some Never-Before-Seen Photographs of Bob Dylan]

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