What Do 92YTribeca’s Weekend Screenings of Zoolander and Bill and Ted Have to Do with Malick’s Tree of Life?

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05/12/2011 4:56 PM |

Shocked—shocked!—that Days of Heaven was directed by a stoner.

  • Shocked—shocked!—that Days of Heaven was directed by a stoner.

So Terrence Malick’s much-anticipated fifth feature, Tree of Life, makes its bow this coming Monday at Cannes, and is released here on the 27th of this month (same weekend as The Hangover Part 2!). Stateside, we’re all preparing in our own ways—the Museum of the Moving Image is screening his four previous features this weekend, and of course L contributor Miriam Bale, guest-curating the 92YTribeca’s “Beer Goggles” series, is presenting a double-feature of Zoolander and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure this Friday. For Malick, of course. Let me explain:

Bill and Ted, we’ve heard from two-time collaborator, is among Malick’s favorite comedies. And, back in the halcyon years of 2007, Seth Rogen was explaining to the Guardian that no, it wasn’t so much of a stretch that “the new Terrence Malick,” David Gordon Green, was directing Pineapple Express:

“David said to me the other day, ‘Guess what Terrence Malick’s favourite movie of the last 10 years is?'”


Zoolander! He knows every word, watches it every week. Which just goes to show, you never can predict these things.”