Alec Baldwin, Greta Gerwig, Jesse Eisenberg and Other, Less Incredibly Appropriate Actors to Star in Woody Allen’s Bop Decameron

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06/20/2011 3:49 PM |


A press release this afternoon revealed the full cast for Woody Allen’s new movie, now in preproduction. The Bop Decameron (what a title!) will be Woody’s first film shot in Rome, continuing his invigorating Euro tourism of recent years, and its cast is promising: Woody’s ever faddish taste in performers has, this time around, resulted in him casting a number of people who, when you think about their screen personae, really ought to be great in a Woody Allen movie. Alongside Woody himself, the film will feature Alec Baldwin (who starred in Alice back when he was a hunk), Jesse Eisenberg (who probably does a better Woody than Woody does at this point), Greta Gerwig (“I grew up in Sacramento and I watched that guy’s movies and wanted to move to New York because of him“), and Ellen Page (another great one for quick-dry line readings). Plus Alison Pill (a great Zelda in Midnight in Paris), Judy Davis and Penélope Cruz (who’ve played two of Woody’s most memorable female roles), and some local talent, including a couple of Italian movie stars who’ll be familiar to anyone who’s been seeing art films on the Upper West Side since the 70s: Ornella Muti and, gulp, Roberto Benigni.