Beirut to Release New Single on Monday, Written When He Was 17

06/03/2011 4:49 PM |

Remember whispers about Beirut releasing a new album sometime this year? Start kneading your pant-legs with anticipation then, because come Monday they’ll be releasing “East Harlem,” a track that frontman Zach Condon originally wrote when he was naught but a slip of 17. Way to make the rest of us feel worthless, Mr. Condon.

He also recently collaborated with Blondie, playing trumpet on her first new album in eight years, Panic of Girls. Blondie then returned the favor by covering Beirut’s “Sunday Smile.” However, more importantly, all of this new, exciting Beirut material, these fresh creative juices will be flowing freely at our own (cough) Northside Festival coming up in T-MINUS 13 DAYS. In the meantime, you can check out Beirut performing “East Harlem” in 2009 after the jump, as well as “Sunday Smile” on Jools Holland.