Condo Towers Coming to Coney Boardwalk

06/02/2011 10:44 AM |


Construction began in February for low-rise condos at the western end of Coney Island, but those will soon be literally overshadowed. The local community board voted this week to change a zoning law that would allow three towers as high as 22 stories to be built “steps away from Seagate,” the Post reports. The vote passed overwhelmingly, in hopes of bringing economic activity to a community in need, while being far away enough (at least 20 blocks) from the amusement area to pose a threat.

The luxury, market-rate housing, on seaside lots between W. 34th and W. 36th streets, will be roughly a mile from the nearest subway station, separated from MCU Park by several public housing developments. It will be called “Ocean Dreams”.

In addition to 400 apartments, the development plans to bring new retail, as well, including perhaps a supermarket, which area residents would welcome. It could also bring new seaside restaurants.

The plan could still meet opposition. The Post reports:

The city’s 2009 re-zoning of the neighborhood allows for ocean-side high-rises just west of MCU Park between Parachute Way and W. 22nd Street, but the homes must be affordable for low-income residents — both renters and owners — according to the Department of City Planning…“The developers aren’t being clear if the housing will be affordable,” said Community Board 13 member Evelyn Strasser, one of the five people who voted against Ocean Dreams. “It could be unfair to people in the community.” Department of City Planning documents from the original 2005 proposal estimate the apartments will cost between $350,000 and $600,000, but [the new developer] won’t specify what the new rates will be. “The buildings are in a low and moderate income area, so the rates will be reasonable,” said David Weisz, who is spearheading the project with [the developer].

And when have you ever not been able to trust a developer?


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  • These condos are going way the fuck out there, walled off from the amusement district and everything else by a giant set of projects that are one of the poorest and highest crime areas in the city. If anything, that area has much too much low income housing (excuse me, I meant “affordable”) already. If someone wants to try to build lux housing there, more power to him.

  • Let them build luxury housing and drive the blacks out. They don’t belong with their wild habits and crime they cause in this nice resort area.