Cop Parked in Bike Lane While Ticketing Cyclist Gets Chewed Out by Another

06/03/2011 12:16 PM |

It looked kinda like this, except at night and with flashing lights

  • It looked kinda like this, except at night and with flashing lights.

On Tuesday evening, as cyclist and Time’s Up regular Barbara Ross rode along the Second Avenue bike lane in the East Village she came across a not-unfamiliar sight: a police car with its lights flashing parked in the bike lane. So Ross confronted the officer on camera (video after the jump) while he sat in his car busily writing a ticket for another cyclist who ran a red light.

The best part of the ensuing argument, with the officer predictably saying that in order to get the cyclist to stop and receive her ticket he had to park in the bike lane, and Ross saying that fine, sure, but now couldn’t you move out of the lane into a nearby parking space, is this bit:

Ross: “You had to park in the bike lane to get a bicycle. Can’t you move then because isn’t that weird to give someone a ticket for doing something illegal when you’re doing something illegal yourself?”

Officer: “Ma’am, if you would like to, you can go to the police academy and become a cop.”

Ross: “No, I don’t want to become a cop. That means if a cop breaks the law that I have to go to the academy to fix it?

Let’s watch.