Could Bag Searches Make Brighton Beach Safer?

06/29/2011 3:32 PM |

The only state thats safe is a police state

  • The only state that’s safe is a police state

In the wake of the Brighton Beach shooting on Brooklyn-Queens Day that left one dead and four injured, locals are calling for greater police protection: including, perhaps, bag searches. At a meeting last week hosted by police, Brighton residents asked for what the Brooklyn Paper calls “post-9/11-style security initiatives,” including increased police presence at subway stations, mounted police officers, and even searches of bags, containers and strollers before granting visitors admission to the beach and boardwalk. The commander of the local police precinct said he’s considering the security measures.

Bag searches seem unlikely, given the Fourth Amendment and all, but stepped-up security doesn’t. While the captain of the 60th precinct said the shooting was an isolated incident, the Paper points out that, on that fateful Brooklyn-Queens Day, several violent crimes were committed:

First, at around 4 pm, a thug slashed a teen across the neck on the Boardwalk near W. 16th Street. Cops believe that the incident led to the retaliatory shooting that claimed the life of Jones and injured four.

The day’s violence continued during the ensuing exodus to the subway: another man was stabbed on the Q train, police said.

Plus, the Daily News reported last week that, bucking citywide trends, gun violence in southern Brooklyn is up more than 25 percent this year, to 103 shootings from 82 at the same time last. The upticks are worst, the News reports, in East Flatbush, Crown Heights and Coney Island—Brighton’s western neighbor.