First Details of New Museum’s Next “Generational” Survey Emerge

06/17/2011 12:10 PM |

The Generational: Younger than jesus at the New Museum

  • Installation view of “Younger Than Jesus.”

Back in 2009 the New Museum made waves with the first of its triennial “Generational” shows, Younger Than Jesus (pictured), an epic survey of artists under 33 years of age. Now, as its second installment approaches, the NuMu has released a few details, including the names of four artists and one collective who have earned residencies during which they’ll create new large-scale works for the show.

A press release sent out by the museum last week explains that

Eungie Joo, Keith Haring Director and Curator of Education and Public Programs, who was appointed Curator of the 2012 “Generational” last year, will reflect her primary curatorial research in cities rich in cultural production, but often overlooked by US museums.

Which means… we should expect artists from outside the usual Berlin-Paris-London-New York nexus?

Well, looking over the five participants already announced, that seems to hold true. Los Angeles-based video and performance artist Wu Tsang is the only one who could be accused of working in a contemporary art hub. New media conceptual artist Shaina Anand and urban conceptualist Ashok Sukumaran are both based in Mumbai. Tsang, Anand and Sukumaran will begin residencies at the New Museum this month and the next.

Another two “Generational” artists started their residencies in February: Tel Aviv-based artist’s collective Public Movement and Buenos Aires-based large-scale sculptor Adrian Villar Rojas, Argentina’s representative at this year’s Venice Bienniale.

More residencies and a full list of artists will be announced in the fall, but for now we can presume there will be at least one really, really big sculpture, and a whole bunch of video and performance art, some it shot and performed in the streets. As for a rabble-rousing title and theme, no word yet, but may we suggest: “Escape from New York”?