Gay Ice Cream Protest Fails to Happen

06/06/2011 11:42 AM |

When Im not taking away my constituents rights, Im giving them diabetes!

  • “When I’m not taking away my constituents’ rights, I’m giving them diabetes!”

Despite the presence of a contestant named “Butch,” a protest for marriage equality planned to interrupt an eating contest yesterday failed to take off. There will be a big rally for marriage equality this evening outside state senator Marty Golden‘s office, but activists had also hoped to infiltrate his co-sponsored ice cream eating contest at Bay Ridge’s Fifth Avenue Festival. “We need your help to turn it into an LGBT equality ice-cream-eating contest,” blogger and activist Scott Rose had said. “Without mentioning that you support LGBT-equality, sign up for the competition, wear a marriage equality t-shirt, or buttons, or some similar LGBT-equality-affirming garments or accessories.” (Rose has not responded yet to a request for comment.)

But out of the eight or so contestants—including Congressman Michael Grimm staffer Liam McCabe—none wore a rainbow pin or a marriage equality t-shirt, though there was certainly room for such a contender; close to the 2 p.m. starting time, contest officials were still recruiting competitors. (Noted local competitive eater Will Millender stood in the crowd and watched, presumably saving his gullet for the subsequent pizza-eating contest outside Rocco’s.) The event, whose grand prize was a $200 gift certificate to L&B Spumoni Gardens, boasted a Who’s Who of local Republican politicians: Assembly member Nicole Malliotakis turned up chewing gum, fingering her smartphone with one hand and a miniature American flag with the other; Grimm—of the notorious “All the white people get out of here” comment—arrived shortly before the contest ended to tell the crowd their community was the best in the country.

And of course the man himself, State Senator Martin J. Golden, dressed in pajamas “weekend clothes,” popped in shortly before the contest began. As volunteer paramedics stood to the side and entrants attempted to eat 1.5 gallons of ice cream in 15 minutes, Marty worked the dozens-deep crowd, getting applause going while smiling for photo ops. Then, shortly after the contest began, he disappeared.

“Fun things like this,” local rocker Frankie Marra said on a nearby stage, “wouldn’t be possible without the support of our local politicians.” Maybe, but sexual equality would!




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  • This is Scott Rose. I didn’t receive any request for comment from The L Magazine’s Henry Stewart. We were successful in getting Ben & Jerry’s to withdraw from its sponsorship of Senator Golden’s ice cream eating contest. Additionally, we got the Marina Ice Cream Corp. and Marino’s Italian Ices to withdraw its prize donation. Marina’s Mike Barone said “I am personally insulted as well as embarrassed by the fact that one of our customers would throw around the Marina name with such wreckless abandon. We had no knowledge of our name being used on the senator

  • This is Jessica Naomi and this was my idea, and my idea was not a protest, it was a BE OUT FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY BE IN HAPPENING, and it was a suggestion I made to all LGBT and allies in Broooklyn and NYC. Communicating with the LGBT activists planning the actual scheduled protest on Monday, I agreed not to push for this BE OUT FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY BE IN so as not to confuse people. Obviously I was not contacted either by Henry Stewart because if he had contacted me, I would have explained this to him. Of course, if he had contacted Scott Rose on his many contact sources, Scott would have sent Henry to me and I would have explained this.

    Many LGBT activists who I contacted about my idea for LGBT New Yorkers to go to the events scheduled by gay bashing politicians wearing their gayest marriage equality apparel agreed with me that this is a good idea, and with more than a few days planning (I thought of this on Wednesday and suggested it on Thursday) they could pull this off.

    Hey Henry, next time contact the people with the idea before you make a fool of yourself posting erroneous information. We have enough erroneous propaganda by gay bashers like Golden and we certainly do not need a so-called LGBT friendly news service to write a bunch of nonsense based on no information. You can always reach me on my FB page…. My name is Jessica Naomi & I am a lesbian activist working on my own for unconditional constitutional equality.

  • Why is everyone ganging up on Henry? All he said was that he asked for a comment and didnt get one. He made no judgment about your organization or your planned event, which Mr. Stewart actually attended. This is why the Left is hurting, because everyone wants to point a finger instead of recognizing an ally. How’s about a little unity? We’re all on the same side here.