Gowanus Whole Foods Gets Crucial Zoning Variance

06/10/2011 1:50 PM |

Future site of a huge upscale grocery store.

  • Future site of a huge upscale grocery store.

Earlier this week we got a glimpse of Brooklyn’s first Whole Foods at the corner of Third Avenue and 3rd Street in Gowanus, but that vision (slated to be realized by late 2012) was contingent on a favorable vote from Community Board 6, since the project is about five times the size of what local zoning allows. The Carroll Gardens Patch reports that on Wednesday night CB6 approved a zoning variance for the 56,000 square foot grocery store. They demanded a few things in exchange.

The CB6 land use committee, which voted in favor of the Whole Foods plan last week, made several amendments to the project:

– Whole Foods needs to complete a larger traffic study one year after it opens.

– The store must close at 10 p.m. instead of the proposed 11 p.m.

– The store must create a mock-up illustration of the proposed building with more windows facing Third Avenue and Third Street, and more plantings on the walkways. These designs are in the plans, but have yet to be shown to the community.

The organic grocer has also pledged to provide full-time jobs with full benefits to 75 percent of its employees at the new location, though what percentage of those employees will be hired locally remains unclear. Next, the store goes before the Board of Standards and Appeals for approval.


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  • please get basic information correct.

    1. CB6 can not and did not ‘approve’ a variance, and whole foods did NOT ‘get’ a variance.

    2. CB6 land use committee did not ‘demand’ nor did it ‘make’ amendments to their plan. it merely requested of them the items you listed.

    3. CB6 voted to ‘recommend’ to BSA that the variance be granted. the vote is merely ‘adisory.’

  • This seems rather more like semantic caviling than correcting ‘basic information.’