James Franco and Kalup Linzy’s First Music Video Really Just a Kalup Linzy Video

06/30/2011 10:37 AM |

How many James Francos are in this image?

  • How many James Francos are in this image?

Remember when last year, singer, performance and video artist Kalup Linzy, and actor-author-essayist-journalist-performance artist James Franco promised to release their debut album as Franco and Linzy this year? Well judging by the video for “Rising,” which must be their lead single, expect a reprise of sorts of Franco’s lax Oscars hosting, in which his cohort does all the heavy lifting.

Franco is unheard and only barely seen, in a blurred image of he and Linzy possibly reclining on a couch that often serves as the video’s backdrop, and then floating opaquely in the background in clips of footage that, judging by his bow-tie and Cheshire Cat smile, may actually be from the Oscars.

Linzy, meanwhile, sings the triumphing-over-adversity slow jam while clad in neon-toned sunsets and while wearing a dress on some kind of stage or set. At various points his disembodied wig bobs around to the beat. At any given moment there are anywhere from three to six partly transparent images overlaid one atop the other, making for a weirdly beautiful lo-fi look that goes kinda nicely with the music—no thanks to Franco, merely credited for providing additional footage. Hopefully their apparently inevitable EP will feature more of the overworked one’s voice.


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  • Kalup Linzy along with artists Billy Childish, Kim Gordon, Ryan McNamara, Tony Oursler, Dave Muller, Dario Robleto and Stephen Vitiello will be featured in a group exhibition entitled