Light Industry, Triple Canopy and The Public School Coming to Greenpoint, Soliciting on Kickstater

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06/13/2011 1:11 PM |


Light Industry, Brooklyn’s premier venue for avant-garde film, was last seen last fall, “couchsurfing” at like-minded venues after having left, after nine months of tenancy, the new downtown Brooklyn space they had moved into with the phenomenally discursive online magazine Triple Canopy, and the open-source continuing education collective The Public School.

All three of these marvelous institutions are peripatetic no longer: they’ve just signed a five-year lease at the storefront of 155 Freeman Street, in Greenpoint, and are preparing to reopen in August, and resume regularly scheduled irregular programming. In the meantime, as they renovate the space, they’re trying to raise $20,000 via Kickstarter, to support their first year of programming. Pledge $20 and receive access to a special issue of Triple Canopy edited by Rivka Galchen; pledge $50 and receive “a personalized email” by (“by” and not “from”) Cory Arcangel. All this and more in the appeal, below: