Looking Down on FriendsWithYou’s Installation from Phase 2 of the High Line

06/08/2011 2:06 PM |


Last night around 9pm there was some kind of opening party (to which we weren’t invited…) for just-opened phase 2 of the High Line and Rainbow City, the inflatable Pop art installation at its northern tip by FriendsWithYou. As you can see, though, the lack of an invitation couldn’t really keep the milling crowds from getting great views of the installation, the fancy park, and the glamorous revelers.

FriendsWithYou Rainbow City at the High Line

We’ll have more photos of the new park and bouncy playground soon, but for now suffice to say that this particular piece of public art affords one of the most surreal sights in a season full of very incongruous outdoor art installations. Rainbow City will be on view through July 5.

(Photos by the author.)