Macy’s Plans its Third Annual Betrayal of Brooklyn for July 4

06/29/2011 9:49 AM |

What the East River will look like on 7/4/11: fireworksless.

  • What the East River will look like on 7/4/11: fireworksless.

For the third straight year, Macy’s will light its Fourth of July fireworks over the Hudson River, DUMBO NYC reports, giving a heck of a show to New Jersey residents while denying it to Brooklynites. Macy’s first moved the show to the Hudson in 2009, after 33 years on the east side, as part of citywide celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the voyage up the river by the man whose name the waterway would later take. Um, hey Macy’s: that’s all over now.

Though Macy’s has grown to become a national brand, it’s a native New Yorker; R.H. Macy started out with a dry goods shop near present-day Union Square, opened in 1858. As such, the company should be giving back to the five boroughs—not New Jersey. Of course, in addition to the fireworks display, Macy’s sponsors our city’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade, as well as a fishing contest in Prospect Park.

Oh, except this year Macy’s turned that fishing contest into a series of fishing “clinics” when parks came up short on its contribution because of budget cuts; we’re happy to see less fishing in the park (for the fish’s sakes!) but, still, it’s hard to shake the feeling that Macy’s doesn’t like us here in Brooklyn anymore.


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