Northside TV: Luke Rathborne in Lucky Dog’s Backyard Bar

06/18/2011 12:31 PM |

So, while many enjoy Northside as an excuse to grind up against cute, sweaty indie kids, stand as close to the monitors as possible without ruptured eardrums and down tequila as if it were apple juice, some of us decided to take it easy. We hung out with some of our favorite Northside acts in the backyard of Lucky Dog bar as they played us new tunes and answered our dopey questions—one of them was a request to draw an abstract crayon rendering of what their music looks like. Our first victim was a dreamy, hoarse Luke Rathborne. Check out his interview above, along with some beautiful footage of “You Ain’t Ever Coming Back,” a previously unheard track off of Luke’s latest album in-the-works. And keep checking our YouTube channel for more—Seapony, Mainland, Grand Rapids and Pepper Rabbit are coming soon.