Prospect Park’s “Goose Genocide of 2011” Called Off

06/27/2011 3:39 PM |

The geese in this 2009 photo are already dead, but their more recently arrived cousins have been granted a reprieve

  • The geese in this 2009 photo are already dead, but their more recently arrived cousins have been granted a reprieve

Last year, 1,676 geese were killed in and close to New York City by city and federal officials. This year, the department of environmental protection estimates half that number will be killed: 700 to 800. The sort-of-good news is that none of those hundreds of dead geese will come from Prospect Park: last year’s slaughter of 368 geese was so effective—along with population-reduction efforts—that officials need not return this year for more. Recent estimates put the park’s current goose population at less than 30.

Still, geese will be rounded-up from parks around the five boroughs, though the city won’t say where. Authorities “don’t want lots of people looking around or gathering,” the Times reports. That is, they don’t want activists getting in their way.

In preparation for this year’s potential killing, Prospect Park’s goose advocates had “amassed a list of nearly 100 supporters who are on call to receive a mass text message and phone call at any hour of the night if the U.S.D.A. is spotted by stakeout patrollers and who are able to come to the park immediately to defend the geese,” the Times continues. With Prospect off the list, those goose supporters are expanding their watch to Flushing Meadow-Corona Park in Queens, and other locations.

Remember, if you see something—like officials rounding up geese into cages—say something!


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  • USDA and NYC politicos are dipshits

    Mayor Bloomberg’s Mansion
    17 East 79th St (between Madison & Fifth Ave)

    30 geese and their baby goslings slaughtered last night (June 29) at Inwood Park. No notification to the public, no public hearing, no environmental impact survey. Community demanding the mayor cancel the kill-contract with the USDA. Come on down to the Mayor’s house Thursday – June 30 – @ 6pm.…

  • BTW Mr. L Magazine — We are not CONVINCED the killing machine calling itself “Wild Life Services” (Wild Death? services) will stay out of Prospect Park. We are on 24/7 Goosewatch from dawn to dusk until the contract expires July 15. We are not sleeping. and ps. MAYOR BLOOMBERG — SET MY GEESE and GOSLINGS FREE.…