Skewville’s Massive New Skyline Mural Stretches Along North 11th Street

06/16/2011 11:55 AM |

Last Exit to Skewville at Northside

One of the most visible artworks at the Northside Festival, being strategically located next to Causey Contemporary and Brooklyn Bowl, two blocks from the Steve Madden Stage, is street artist (and Factory Fresh co-founder) Skewville‘s big skyline mural, “Last Exit To Skewville,” now running along North 11th Street near the corner of Wythe Avenue. I swung by there this morning to get a look at the finished product.

Last Exit to Skewville at Northside

Bright red and blue buildings sit between the three towers of a suspension bridge that has sprouted arms, which dangle elevator-like cages over the river below. An explosive yellow sun in one corner, and a banner-pulling plane in the other provide accents at either end. It’s a really terrific piece; make sure to stop by on your way to see ?estlove’s DJ set at Brooklyn Bowl tonight.

Last Exit to Skewville at Northside

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  • Hi Benjamin! Thanks for posting this wall by Skewville. It is not actually finished! It is continuing Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for everyone to stop by and see as Skewville completes it LIVE on Saturday — before the afterparty at The End. All the best and Thank you!

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