Skull Found in Greenpoint Backyard

06/03/2011 1:08 PM |

Greenpoints Latest Bone House, left of the church

  • Greenpoint’s Latest “Bone House,” left of the church

Over Memorial Day weekend, workers at a Kent Street home excavated a woman’s skull, teeth and vertebrae, the Brooklyn Paper reports. “It’s strange,” the owner told the paper, “but it’s not the strangest thing in my life.” The workers were making space for a patio at the house, between Franklin Street and Manhattan Avenue.

Theories as to the set of bones’ origin abound.

The house goes back to the middle of the 19th century and, for a large chunk of the 20th, belonged to a doctor. “Doctors in an earlier age would use bones for medical research and merely bury them,” the paper reports. The house also borders the Church of Ascension, and some have theorized the bones are from a burial there. The paper also reports that in 1872, a blacksmith’s son found a headless skeleton in a Greenpoint Avenue basement. Isn’t it obvious that the head has finally been found?

Whatever its origins, a neighbor put the discovery in perspective:

“Back 100 years ago, times were rougher,” [he] said. “If it was something like 10 years old, that’s scary.”