The Short Skirt Protest Ride Is Tonight!

06/16/2011 9:47 AM |

Would-be short skirt protest rider Rita Hayworth.

  • Would-be short skirt protest rider Rita Hayworth.

We’ll be partying on the northside at Northside tonight, but if we weren’t we’d totally be donning short skirts to participate in the (first annual?) Short Skirt Celebration Ride, an event organized to protest the recently-revealed incident in which an NYPD officer nearly ticketed a cyclist for wearing what he deemed to be a dangerously short skirt.

So, leggy ladies and gents who were bummed that last week’s Naked Bike Ride was postponed and/or who feel strongly that the ticketing of women for wearing allegedly “harmful” clothes is the sign of a declining society, meet at Columbus Circle around 7pm with, at the very least, a bicycle and a skirt. The event, scheduled to last three hours according to a Facebook event page, was organized in record time by bike lifestyle blog Cycle Chic—”The Sartorialist on two wheels”—so dress to impress.