Weiner Fatigue

06/10/2011 9:46 AM |

a sad Weiner

  • a sad Weiner

Oh my lord I think we are all so tired of looking at pictures of dicks and balls. Right? Who ever thought we could get tired of that? And yet, here we are. I am all sexted and sex-tweeted (stweeted?) out.

Unfortunately for all of us, the news cycle is looking pretty sluggish, so I think have another few days of wiener jokes, crotch talk, testicle photos, and complaining about the heat (which heat complaints are completely justified, if not news, necessarily.) If you, like me, are ready to just sit this one out for a while, here are some things to read while you wait until this kerfluffle dies down or someone else does something stupid.

Dan Harmon’s monster four-part A.V. Club interview. It’s a play-by-play of season two of Community. Exhaustive doesn’t begin to describe it. Do you guys like Community? I love that show.

The secret world of child brides.. Heartbreaking, but really interesting.

In defense of meat glue. I don’t even eat land animals and I think transglutaminase is rad.

Lastly, this whole scandal has made me think of nothing more than Taint Magazine

Fortunately/unfortunately, there’s more links and more taint talk on my twitter.