Williamsburg to Get New Zip Code

06/03/2011 11:24 AM |

Office 11211 will soon be in 11249

  • Office 11211 will soon be in 11249

Thanks a lot, developers. Because of a population surge following the 2005 rezoning, Williamsburg will soon get a new zip code. As of July 1, the entire part of the neighborhood west of the BQE, from Rutledge to North 14th, will become 11249, leaving those east of the highway to retain the old 11211, the Brooklyn Paper reports. Even while the amount of delivered mail across Brooklyn has declined, it has risen in Williamsburg. “New buildings have been going up, more businesses are moving in and there are more family members in same apartment dwelling,” a post office spokesperson told the paper. The neighborhood will not get a new post office.

In April, outerborough residents were saddled with a new telephone area code, 929. And now this? It’s getting a lot harder for people to move to New York and still be cool with all these new poseur signifiers.

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