Williamsburg’s Hasidim Introduce “Tank Top Ban”

06/14/2011 11:26 AM |

Women scandalously revealing their ankles in August

  • Women scandalously revealing their ankles in August

Yiddish-language posters have been hung in South Williamsburg, advising Hasidic women on how to dress during the warm summer months, WPIX 11 reports. That means “no tank tops, t-shirts, clingy dresses and short-short skirts.”

The posters advocating this “Tank Top Ban” are from the Central Rabbinical Congress, a council of rabbis who act within their community as both moral and fashion policemen.

Williamsburg’s Hasidic community has been in the spotlight recently because of their attitudes toward women. Last month, a Hasidic newspaper in Williamsburg photoshopped the women—including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—out of the iconic Situation Room photograph; in 2008, the community clashed with hipsters over female cyclists’ immodest dress, eventually getting the city to remove the part of the Bedford Avenue bike lane that ran through the southside.

In other “telling women how to dress” news, a woman alleged this week that police pulled her over for riding a bike in a skirt because the sight was distracting.


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  • This picture is from winter, if you look closely, those women have winter coats, not just fully summer dresses.

  • If women put up with these edicts, sooner or later they’ll be wearing duffel bags
    (burkas) like they do in Iran. Modesty and repression are two different things.