A Mere 17 of the Billions of Awesome 120 Minutes Clips on YouTube

07/29/2011 12:16 PM |


This Saturday, at 1am (when you get home tomorrow night, so actually Sunday morning) the first episode of the newly re-launced 120 Minutes will air on MTV2, with Matt Pinfield once again taking his rightful place as host. The return of the show is exciting in some ways—in that it signals, perhaps, the return of independent/alt-minded music as a legitimate force—but the first episode looks only so-so, as it’ll feature interviews with people like Dave Grohl and Kings of Leon, showing a depressing lack of confidence in artists like Sleigh Bells and Das Racist, who will also be featured.

But anyway, this news has caused me to enter what is quite possibly the deepest, darkest YouTube hole I’ve ever encountered: all you have to do is search “120 Minutes Live,” and blam, your day, weekend, month, whatever, will be shot. Below, I’ve handpicked 17. I hesitate to say they’re my favorites just yet, ’cause I still have pages and pages and pages to sort through, but still. So good, all of them.

Bad Religion — “American Jesus”

Thurston Moore

They Might Be Giants — Why Does the Sun Shine?

Pavement — Stop Breathin

Green Day — Christie Road

Henry Rollins — Liar (Jesus, this song is terrible.)

Folk Implosion

The Dead Milkmen — The Puking Song

Butthole Surfers — Pepper

Liz Phair — Supernova

Bjork — Human Behavior

Superdrag — Sucked Out

Evan Dando — It’s about Time

Juliana Hatfield —Spin the Bottle

Sebadoh — Give Up

Blur — Parklife

Pigface Profile (!!!)