At the New York Asian Film Festival: Sadsack Trifucated Time Traveling J-Pop Love Stories Are Go

07/01/2011 2:14 PM |


This year’s New York Asian Film Festival starts tonight! And Milocrorze: A Love Story plays tonight at 9pm. It screens again next Sunday, the 10th, at Japan Society, as part of the annual Japan Cuts festival of new Japanese film.

Every year, the New York Asian Film Festival features at least one indescribable Japanese comedy that jettisons linear narrative in order to better let its crazy-ass flag fly. This year, that film is Milocrorze: A Love Story, a trifurcated story of doomed romance that revolves around protagonists with names like Ovreneli Vreneligare and Verandola Gongonzola. It’s unclear if all three stories are related in some way beyond the fact that they’re all about frustrated romantics and are perilously unsound. Normal logic doesn’t apply here, so just sit back and absorb as much of the film’s insanity as you can.

Milocrorze starts out as a story about Ovreneli Vreneligare, a boy with orange hair who leads an unhappy life until he meets Milocrorze, a beautiful woman that winds up leaving him for another man. (This literally leaves Ovreneli with a hole in his chest that he has to cover up using the lid to a small cooking pot.) Then Milocrorze shifts focus to follow Besson Kumagai, a romantic youth counselor for troubled young men, who kind of looks like Austin Powers and whose advice always starts with “You’re an idiot.” Then Milocrorze follows a samurai that travels through time trying to rescue the woman he loves from a life of prostitution.

Presumably, Milocrorze is as warped as it is because all of its three male protagonists are weak-willed men that fantasize about women that either don’t want them or that they can’t have. Then again, who can tell?