Cutest Video Ever of Beyoncé Surprising Kids at a Harlem Target

07/01/2011 1:43 PM |

[via The Washington Post]

If Beyoncé ever gets sick of being a career pop star, she should go for sainthood. This video of “Besus” surprising the Boys & Girls Club during her choreographer’s dance lesson to the group yesterday is the cutest thing ever. In the middle of a routine, she emerges from the back of the stage, her blonde curls as buoyant as a halo atop her head. And then she gives the kids hugs! Daw. But apparently this Target is sort of known for its celebrity presence. Last year, Taylor Swift dropped by to promote her album, and Tyson Beckford made an appearance at the store opening. Does that mean we have to add Target to the venue list in our system? I hear the toiletries aisle is where all the underground punk shows are.