FBI Looking for Bushwick Rock Band

07/20/2011 2:43 PM |


The FBI’s ten-state blitz of raids and arrests against the hacker collective Anonymous yesterday included a stop in Brooklyn. Federal agents searched the lofts at 255 McKibbin Street in Bushwick, looking for the residents of apartment 510, who neighbors say abruptly moved out last month, the Post reported. Two men and two women had lived in the apartment; “several” of them belonged to the rock band Broken Glow, whose MySpace page describes the group as “an original Rock band hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Hartford, CT the band now resides in NYC. Fusing a variety of styles including Classic, 90’s, and Grunge Rock mingled with Blues, Alternative and Jazz…”

The Post reports:

Inside the apartment, the FBI found only empty beer bottles and very dirty old clothes [“very dirty”? That seems excessive, almost mean-spirited] before leaving empty-handed…a 26-year-old neighbor said of the former residents, “The way they left was really sketchy.”

“They left their furniture out in the hall, and all these things you’d think people would want to take with them,” [she] said. “They were just kind of a young rock band, pretty cool people, but they definitely moved out pretty quickly.”

Are these guys pretty cool? Does their sound mingle rock and jazz? Do they look like hackers? Judge for yourself:

Broken Glow – Portrait of a Madman

Broken Glow | Myspace Music Videos

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  • This is the best thing that ever happened. Law enforcement is incompetent. Neighbors are the worst sources. And McKibbin has the best music. lol at this forever.

  • if i recall, that particular apartment was a revolving door for NYFA bros