For Fall, Get That Cindy Sherman Look with Her New Makeup Line

07/29/2011 1:50 PM |

Cindy Sherman, Untitled #412 (2003, detail)

  • Cindy Sherman, “Untitled #412” (2003, detail)

The only reason the Art Awards don’t have a “Best Makeup” category, we assume, is because Cindy Sherman would win every year. And yet, despite her decades of adopting stunning, chamelonic disguises, it’s taken this long for the Jersey-born, Manhattan-based artist to make good on an obvious and completely ridiculous merchandising opportunity: a line of Cindy Sherman makeup.

Ladies: which of Cindy Sherman’s iconic characters have you always wanted to appear as in public, but haven’t because you can’t quite figure out how to create that particular shade of sagging mascara-caked old blue blood skin, the glistening and slightly decomposed sheen, or that oily Renaissance self-portrait tone? Fear not, your (unusual) prayers will be answered on September 29, when MAC launches the Cindy Sherman for MAC line.

Three new faces Cindy Sherman created for her forthcoming line of MAC cosmetics, lets call them Melancholy Clown, Concerned 80s Club-Goer and Coquettish Girl Next-Door.

  • Three new faces Cindy Sherman created for her forthcoming line of MAC cosmetics, let’s call them “Melancholy Clown,” “Concerned 80s Club-Goer” and “Coquettish Girl Next-Door.”

Beauty product blog BellaSugar reports that Sherman created three new looks to showcase the new line’s products (pictured). The limited edition series will include “lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows and other beauty essentials,” though apparently no wigs or prosthetic noses and chins.

No word yet on prices, but given that one of Sherman’s images recently had the highest auction price ever fetched by a photograph, it seems safe to assume that her beauty products won’t come cheap either—plus they’re “limited edition,” whatever that means. At least this makes more sense than the Jeff Koons moisturizer.


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  • Tonight, we all had a good laugh by the MAC counter at Macys… WTH? Why would you want to spend that kind of money on what is – in essence – clown makeup? Came home to look it up and see what it was all about. Still laughing…