Gay Marriage and the Hilarious Passive-Aggressive Quotation Marks of Hate

07/14/2011 11:50 AM |


So I have a Google alert set up for “sex,” and yes, it does make checking my email every morning more of a crap shoot than perhaps it needs to be. However! I have noticed this thing that sort of never fails to crack me up. Whenever some conservative news outlet is getting all pissypants about gay marriage, they make sure to put either gay, marriage, or gay marriage in quotation marks, like maybe that will make it more palatable. It’s like the punctuational equivalent of picking something yucky up with just the tips of your fingernails. Observe.

Beliefnet’s blog:

“New York same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates will soon face a backlash for forcing the new ‘marriage’ law through the legislature, including a campaign to oust turncoat lawmakers and a ballot initiative to enshrine traditional marriage in the state constitution, the National Organization for Marriage has said,” reports Kathleen Gilbert of LifeSiteNews.

The Christian Post:

New York has become the largest state to approve so-called same-sex “marriage.” Supporters, obviously, were delighted at the news: Parades, street parties and countless other demonstrations of their feelings of moral superiority.

The New American:

The posting notes that the legislation includes a conscience clause that exempts clergy from having to perform same-sex marriages or churches to host “gay” weddings, a protection that already exists under the freedom of religion guarantee of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Like, did they all get together and have a meeting about this? Maybe they have a listserv or something? Is the reasoning like well, we have to use the word marriage because otherwise nobody will know what we are talking about, but we have to clamp these quotation marks on there or else we will inadvertently legitimize these sinful unions?

I think I’m going to start using quotation marks in my day-to-day to indicate passive-aggressive disdain. Nice “tacos,” Mom. I can’t believe this “weather” we’re having. When is this “train” going to show up anyway? See? It’s fun. Or at least, “fun.” “Try it!”