Get a Briefcase Full of Wayne’s World Themed Items This Week at SummerScreen

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07/12/2011 1:51 PM |

Last week, we gave away $25 gift certificates to two lucky winners who are now likely turning heads with their fashionable purchases from Crossroads Trading. But this week, oh this week, we are giving away an entire briefcase full of items that look like they were spewed from the movie Wayne’s World itself. You can get your pad looking like Wayne & Garth’s basement with an old school suitcase full of faux wood paneling, a basement-ready radio, a plaid shirt, a guide to Chicago (band or city, we do not know), good tunes and your grandma’s old pillow, all courtesy of Brooklyn newcomers Film Biz Recycling.

Film Biz Recycling is a non-profit organization that rescues film props that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill, so thank you, Film Biz, for continuing the construction of basements like Wayne’s right here in our borough.

To win this lovely prize, find an L Mag staff member in a sea foam green t-shirt to give them your name and email to enter the raffle. Winners will be announced before the movie begins. SHA-WIIING!