Go See Bomb the Music Industry! Tonight, Raise Money for Silent Barn While You’re at It

07/26/2011 4:31 PM |


With their Kickstarter campaign rounding the $30,000 mark this afternoon, the efforts to rebuild Silent Barn better, safer and with more urban gardening after last week’s robbery seem to be going quite swimmingly. They’ll get some more help tonight at 285 Kent, thanks to Bomb the Music Industry!‘s album release party for Vacation doubling as a fundraiser for the Ridgewood-based venue. Over the last seven years, BTMI! have embodied Silent Barn’s same DIY ethic in nearly every facet of their music, from distributing numerous albums for free (oh, look, here’s the new one), adhering to a strict all-ages, $10-or-less rule for their shows (tonight’s is pay-what-you-want donation), to plowing through an irreverent blend of punk and power-pop with an unexpected degree of elegance. Then there was that time last year at Silent Barn that they played all of Weezer’s Blue Album and Pinkerton in their entirety. Twice. Long live these guys and the venue they so dearly love.