Gosling Saved in Prospect Park Close to Genocide’s One-Year Anniversary

07/08/2011 4:19 PM |

Photo by Anne-Katrin Titze

  • Photo by Anne-Katrin Titze

It was one year ago today that Anne-Katrin Titze and Ed Bahlman discovered that the goose population in Prospect Park, all 368 of them, were missing; five days of denials–including that the geese had just all flown away, or that they were hiding from the heat–followed before the government would admit, under pressure from the Times, that the animals had been forcibly removed and killed, sent to gas chambers and tossed on a landfill. “No one from the media moved forward with the story because they were told it did not happen and there was no mass removal or lethal trapping at Prospect Park,” Titze wrote in an email. “Ed and I insisted that [officials] were misleading the media and we were right.”

This year, officials have said that the geese at Prospect Park—though not in many other places around the city—will be spared from the gas chamber. (Some advocates still don’t trust the city, and have maintained a “goose watch” in Prospect Park anyway.) But that doesn’t mean Titze and Bahlman’s work is done.

Just this week, they saved the park’s last surviving gosling, whom they call Ulysses, after they found it “with a barbed hook and fishing line attached to its mouth, not moving on the eastern bank of the lake.” They freed it, and it swam away happily (pictured above).

One Comment

  • The City has NOT spared the geese this year. The Mayor has contracted with the USDA to round up and slaughter the geese all over the City, and this past week they’ve continued their awful deed. Only Prospect Park’s remaining geese this year have been spared, thanks to the efforts of many Brooklynites, including Anne-Katrin and Ed (in the above story), who have organized a “GooseWatch” patrol and threatened direct action and lawsuits against the City if they dare to again kill our geese.

    And who contracted last year for the mobile gas chambers, to which the geese were carted for slaughter? Who paid for them? Who built them? Where is the Environmental Impact Statement on them?

    Mitchel Cohen
    Brooklyn Greens/Green Party