In Case You Were Too Busy Grilling: Hear the First Single from Kanye and Jay-Z’s Watch the Throne

07/05/2011 9:50 AM |


Word started to spread last week that Watch the Throne, the long-rumored collaborative album by Kanye West and Jay-Z, would drop on the 4th of July, but then it seemed like that wouldn’t happen. And it didn’t, unfortunately, but they did release the album’s first single, “H.A.M.,” which you can stream by “liking” their Facebook page (Who do you think set it up? Jay or Kanye?) or purchase over at iTunes.

It’s a fine song, to the extent that any song can be a fine song when it features two extremely rich grown men stating repeatedly that they’re going to “go HAM,” which we learn stands for “hard as a motherfucker.” If forced to say which artist fares best on it, it’d probably be Jay-Z, who sounds refreshed and engaged and pulls one of his classic moves where he sort of dances around the beat rather than adhering strictly to it. Kanye, on the other hand, does basically nothing worth mentioning, except, maybe, for letting some white women suck his dick.

Though no release date has been announced for the rest of the album, it’s now available for pre-order. There are standard and deluxe options for both digital and CD. No word on vinyl just yet, which is a total bummer, because hooboy, that ridiculous, gaudy-ass cover art would look awesome.