Nafissatou Diallo Not a Liar

07/28/2011 1:11 PM |


  • Michael Appleton for the New York TImes

I’m sure a mountain of apologies will be forthcoming, since, as The Times reports, Nafissatou Diallo, the woman accusing Dominique Strauss-Kahn of raping her, was misquoted. She is not, in fact, a money-grubbing liar.

A lawyer for the hotel housekeeper who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her in May said Wednesday that taped conversations, two of them made a day after the encounter, prove that his client had no intention of exploiting the charges against Mr. Strauss-Kahn to make money.

In fact, instead of saying that she could get money from DSK by exploiting a rape accusation, she was merely explaining to the man she was talking to who the guy was who raped her. Just an honest mistake, no doubt! Good thing they have these tapes, now they’ll definitely find her innocent. Oh wait, Ms. Diallo ISN’T THE DEFENDANT IN THIS CASE.

And it was the prosecutor—the person supposedly on her side, trying to convict Mr. Strauss-Kahn of rape—who made the very public “mistake” about her credibility.

“She said, ‘Stop, stop.’ He’s going on and on on the phone about it, she didn’t want to deal with that. She said, ‘Please stop. Wait, wait. The lawyer will get it.’ Meaning, the lawyer would deal with it.”

But prosecutors did not see it that way. Mr. Thompson[Ms. Diallo’s laywer] said that in a phone conversation late on the afternoon of June 30, he was told by a senior prosecutor that the conversations created “big problems” for the case, and that the prosecutor mischaracterized Ms. Diallo’s statements as implying that she intended to exploit the charges for money.

“It is a fact that what they told me and what they told you was not accurate,” Mr. Thompson said. “Ms. Diallo never said, ‘I am going to get this guy’s money’ or anything about scheming to get his money.”

So the prosecutors have now discredited their witness while also dragging her name through the mud in the Times, virtually guaranteeing that Strauss-Kahn will be found innocent while Ms. Diallo has to live with rape apologists everywhere calling her a liar and a gold-digger. It’s so weird how more women don’t choose to press charges against their rapists. I don’t understand how men like Dominique Strauss-Kahn think they can do stuff like that and get away with it. Puzzling!

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  • Diallo speaks and the world listens. Billions support this unique African woman, she has become a holy figure and her word is sacred. Expect Diallo to become the new Mother Teresa as her warm tears enter the coldest hearts.

  • This is the dumbest, least informed piece of bad writing I’ve read about this case. But hey, continue to live in your certitudes based on your biased views fed by your ignorance, you must be very happy.

    FYI – the press conference Thompson held yesterday after the meeting with the DA is contested by a source from the DA’s office quoted in today’s Post, saying that further analysis of the tape prove that she was after DSK’s money after all.

    Also if you used a little critical thinking, you would think that the meeting with the DA didn’t go well at all with Thompson and the “victim” – otherwise, why would Thompson have held a press conference today in attempt at gaining public opinion sympathy from gullible people like you and putting political pressure on the DA by playing the undignified race card? And even if she was so hurt by being called a prostitute, she certainly was not forced to come out to the public to restore her credibility, as she said. She could have easily waited for her day in court, whether criminal or civil, to clear her name, just like the accused is doing.

    Lastly, once and for all, it’s because of lies re: this particular case that the DA lost faith in the accuser, and not to feed a particular political agenda. Can’t you see that the DA was desperate to try this case at first? Imagine what convicting one of the most powerful man in the world would have done for his career!

  • Genetically speaking, she has the classic face of the liar. The old art of phrenology may have died, where the shape of the head was indicative of traits, but now, as face recognition tech advances, it may become possible to pick out liars in a crowd automatically. Of course, humans can do it best for now. Yes, certain kinds of people with characteristic faces are genetic liars. Jesse James, the mechanic ex of Ms Bullock:liar. Gaddafi: liar, Rush Limbaugh:liar.

  • As an attorney I am willing to give either side in any criminal or civil case the benefit of the doubt and watch them go to trial where the truth is expected to come out in a court of law and before an impartial jury. In the case of the People v. DSK, however, the pendulum has swung to the side of the defendant because, according to the Manhattan DA’s assessment, the woman accusing DSK of sexually assaulting her is totally lacking in credibility. It is within the power and discretion of the Manhattan DA to ask the court to dismiss the charges against DSK if the “People” cannot make its case. So all we now know for a fact is that DSK is free to leave the United States according to our laws. Good for DSK, and good for the DA for his discretionary decision to ask for dismissal of the charges against DSK. That is a victory for our legal system. (gang zhou, esq.)

  • I think the woman should have had her day in court. All these circumstances about the victim do not discredit her testimony about what DSK did to her in the Sofitel because there is unambiguous proof of a sexual encounter. Naturally the rapist would say it was consensual. They always say that. Why did the DA only take the victim’s circumstances into consideration and not DSK’s past? He’s a notorius rutting chimpanzee in French society.

    The victim can’t read or write in any language. She is an indigent woman born in a mud hut in the African bush . She can barely communicate what happened to her. much less give repeated articulate consistent statements about it. She’s struggling to survive in the USA and now this happens to her. Will they deport her now? Will she lose her job?

    Why didn’t those MEN in the DA’s office let a jury decide whether she is credible. I’m sure DSK’s lawyers were terrified of the prospect of a jury trial for their client. They know he has a problem past and by golly, this is New York! If Cyrus Vance ever runs for public office, this case will destroy his chances.

  • Diallo’s lawyers = greed! No doubt that DSK is innocent and Diallo has been lying for over 1 year, encouraged by her greedy lawyers who hope they will get a big check if DSK loses the case! Diallo lied to the U.S. authorities to immigrate to the U.S. She lied to the DA about what happened with DSK, etc. Her greed has destroyed DSK’s life and career. Hopefully she will get what she deserves as well as her two stupid and greedy lawyers.