New Work by Aakash Nihalani Spotted on Galapagos Art Space

07/01/2011 12:12 PM |


Last time we saw Aakash Nihalani, he was laying neon yellow bricks at Crest Fest, and before that he was lampooning Koons, and this morning we spotted something new from the tape-master on the facade of Galapagos Art Space here in DUMBO. Get a better view after the jump.

Aakash Nihalani at Galapagos Art Space

Part bar graph, part cityscape, the new taped street art appeared (as far as we know) today at 16 Main Street. Does this mean he’ll be having a show upstairs at Kunsthalle Galapagos…?

Aakash Nihalani at Galapagos Art Space

(Photos by author)