NYU Rap About Collegiate Hipsters Was Filmed in DUMBO!

07/28/2011 11:29 AM |

Hipsters are roaming the campus, which is in DUMBO.

  • Hipsters are roaming the campus, which is in DUMBO.

This viral video (embedded below) having something to do with “the NYU Reality Show” and this Kickstarter project for a short film about root beer purports to pertain to the prevalence of hipsters on college campuses, but was filmed here in DUMBO where there is not a single college campus.

It’s pretty funny, though, and reflects a far more cynical attitude towards signifiers of hipsterdom than, say, the “hipster lit” section.


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  • This is why NYU sucks. Hipster realization is old snooze. They probably read an article in the New York Times about it and got inspired.

  • Please review The History of Rap Videos, and notice that ALL classic NYC Rap videos were shot in DUMBO. Didn’t matter if groups came from any of the Five Boroughs, DUMBO was ALWAYS first choice for reasons of economy and location. Give props to these NYU Students for exhibiting more intrinsic understanding of NYC Cultural History than some jumped-up writer lacking the True Historical Knowledge, VJ Ralph McMcDaniels.