Prospect Park Militia Task Force To Examine Roadway Uses

07/13/2011 8:56 AM |

Who gets to use this Prospect Park path? Ask the task force!

  • Who gets to use this Prospect Park path? Ask the task force!

In response to a petition penned following a cyclist-pedestrian collision on the main road through Prospect Park, the Prospect Park Alliance has founded the Prospect Park Road Sharing Task Force, which will be stationed along every roadway in the park yelling at cyclists, walkers and runners to be more shareful examine the ways in which park visitors use its roads. The Prospect Heights Patch reports that the task force will seek solutions to conflicting uses of the park’s roads.

A statement released by the park Alliance explained the new task force’s role:

Our goal is to examine together how the various uses intersect and, if there is potential conflict, how those uses could be clarified or amended to foster safer behaviors.

These activities will include consulting with all groups that use the park,

from runners groups and bike racing organizations to the park’s Community and Playground Committees, the Police Department, Department of Transportation and Councilmember Brad Lander’s office.

Maybe they’ll recommend that the park finally become completely car free?

(Photo: NYPL)