Puppy Saved from Atlantic Ocean

07/26/2011 1:53 PM |


Harbor police boating off the coast of Brooklyn happened to spot Charlie, an 8-month-old German Shepherd, dog-paddling two miles off of Manhattan Beach yesterday; he was rescued using a special “dog noose” and pulled into the boat. The dog had jumped from his owners’ car around 7 p.m., the Post reports, and ran into the Rockaway Inlet, the strait that connects Jamaica Bay to the Atlantic Ocean, through which he swam west for 40 minutes. “Charlie showed signs of exhaustion,” the paper notes, “but was in overall good condition.” In other pets-going-out-of-car-windows news, earlier this month an animal transport driver from the city’s Animal Care and Control saw a driver throw a tiny gray cat from his car onto the Verrazano Bridge; the worker, driving a van with nine cats in the back, stopped and rescued the 5-month-old kitten, who’s been named Verrazano so that it’s always reminded of that traumatic time it was abandoned and almost drowned.