Rapes Spike in Crown Heights

07/07/2011 1:03 PM |

Park Place, in Crown Heights

  • Park Place, in Crown Heights

Six rapes were reported over 11 days in June within a 16-block area of Crown Heights, the Brooklyn Paper reports. The 77th Precinct reported the highest number of rapes in the city, and a threefold increase from last year, with incidents from Washington Avenue to Ralph Avenue, from Pacific Street to Eastern Parkway. “Two of the six cases were ‘stranger rapes,'” the Paper reports, “three occurred between family members or friends, and one relationship is unclear.”

Four rapes—the second highest number in Brooklyn—were reported in the 67th Precinct in June, which covers East Flatbush. Police say that rapes increase as the weather gets warmer.

UPDATE: As Mike Conklin pointed out in the comments below, the original image used to accompany this story was grossly inappropriate and represents a grave error in judgment on the part of Mr. Stewart. Although the pace of daily blogging is such that there’s very little in-the-moment editorial oversight, a mistake like this should never happen.

I apologize on behalf of The L Magazine for this misguided attempt to inject irony into such a devastatingly serious story.

Two of the sexual assaults occurred in the part of Crown Heights bordering Prospect Heights, which realtors notoriously attempted to redub “Pro-Cro.” “As brightly lit restaurants sprout and 20-somethings move in,” the Paper writes, “neighborhood newbies must navigate an area that jumps from trendy to scary in in just a few blocks.” Geez, that’s a loaded sentence.

Anyway, police recommend women stay aware of their surroundings—and off cell phones—and mix-up their routes from the subway to home. One longtime local told the paper that the best defense was a dog. “Get yourself a dog?” asks one commenter. “No way honey. Get yourself a gun!”

“Cases involving family and friends are more difficult to prevent,” the paper reports, “but it helps to keep alcohol out of the picture.”

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  • I am very confused about the graphic on this article. Is that an error?..

  • The accompanying photo is in really poor taste.

  • Yeah, you guys are right, and we swapped it out. Image searching for newsy, neighborhood-type posts can be tricky sometimes, and we generally opt for things that are less obviously linked to the story, if only to entertain ourselves. This was a situation where that particular tack wound up being inappropriate on a number of levels. Conflating rape with an “affair” while also riffing on, as opposed to actively railing against, the idea of exposed skin inviting rapists… this was definitely an error in judgment. Sincerest apologies.

  • Well, as long as you were entertained. Whoever chose and approved that photo has no business reporting news. The rape of women is not sexy, funny or ironic. The use of that photo was positively offensive. I had hoped it was some kind of graphics error. Your explanation is beyond pathetic, but I do appreciate the response. Someone over there isn’t doing their job.

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