Remembering Northside: All Our Coverage, Photographic and Otherwise, in One Place

07/14/2011 1:40 PM |


Hopefully those Turkey’s Nest frozen margaritas didn’t do too much damage to your memories of Northside’s whirlwind four days of music, art, film and ideas showcases, but in case they did (or in case you missed out), check out the page we’ve compiled of Northside media. There are some awesome photos and video of the live shows, as well as intimate moments backstage with Northside acts (like Twin Sister showing us the ephemera she’s glued to her fingernails), and we even have a slew of acoustic performances and interviews done in the backyard of Lucky Dog Bar. For your navigating convenience, you can even check out the offerings by subject (music, art, film, Williamsburg Walks, ideas) and then chronologically by day, if you’re trying to fill in those brown-outs. Enjoy!