The Brooklyn Museum Needs Your Help Pinpointing Historical Photos’ Locations

07/11/2011 8:57 AM |

Taken from the Bridge Tower, Brooklyn, ca. 1872-1887.

  • Taken from the Bridge Tower, Brooklyn, ca. 1872-1887.

A new site called History Pin—basically a better version of Sepia Town—launched today following a fierce campaign by the Brooklyn Museum to get hundreds of photos from its collection of 3,574 images crowd-located on the new site to boost the borough’s lowly numbers. The museum has been posting new photos twice weekly on Flickr, and currently 188 still await identification.

In a Times story about the project on June 21 Shelley Bernstein, the chief of technology at the museum, said: “So far we’ve released 250, and of these, 97 have been mapped.”

Many of the photos show well-known buildings and landmarks in the 19th century, but the exact point from which the photograph was taken remains unclear due to the radically changed and developed cityscape. Bernstein continued: “We know roughly where some of these photographs were taken… But we are trying to pinpoint exact locations and fill in the gaps.”

Though History Pin is now live—and Brooklyn is no longer so woefully under-represented as it was when the institution first blogged about the project—you can still help the museum out by pinpointing some of the images on their Flickr page, like this one of the Vanderveer Mill in Flatbush.

(Photo: Flickr/Brooklyn Museum)